The Committees

Academic. Social. Career.

The Committees are the organising bodies of the association. Each are comprised of around four to five members. Together they organise all of the associations events. Each committee has its own focus and set of events. We are currently looking looking for members to form the new committees for 2022/23! . If you would like to get involved, email 

See more about each committee below.


Explore the most current topics

The Academic Committee focuses on organising interesting and informative events that relate to the European Union law and European Competition law. This year we plan to organise a series of guest lectures from prominent scholars and those in working in the field. These will dive into some of the most current and debated topics.  Alongside this, there are possibilities for conferences, trips, debates and more. 


Build a network and get to know the field

The Career Committee is here to make the bridge between the university and the industry, to connect students and those working in the field, to familiarise students with the types of jobs possible after the study. The Committee is working on networking events for students to meet a wide variety of professionals and businesses. In addition, the committee coordinates visits to different law firms.


Enjoy the university times

The social committee organises all of the social events for the association. They have the responsibility to bring the fun into the association and organsine great activities for the students. The committee is currently putting together many various activities includings, borrels, pub quizzes, and more.