The Committees

Academic. Social. Career.

The Committees are the organising bodies of the association. Each are comprised of around four to five members. Together they organise all of the associations events. Each committee has its own focus and set of events. 

See more about each committee below.


Explore the most current topics

The Academic Committee focuses on the organisation of interesting and educative events, which relate to European Law. For the 2022/2023 academic year, they hope to organise a series of lectures with prominent guest scholars, in addition to debates and discussions, a writing competition, a citation workshop in preparation for the final thesis, and more. 


Build a network and get to know the field

The Career Committee is here to make the bridge between the university and the industry, to connect students and those working in the field, to familiarise students with the types of jobs possible after the study. The Committee is working on networking events for students to meet a wide variety of professionals and businesses. In addition, the committee coordinates visits to different law firms.


Enjoy the university times

Student life can often become dull and repetitive. Making the best of your student life while studying in Amsterdam is something we should aim for. Thus, EUreka social committee organises as many events as possible in order to get out of the ordinary. From coffee afternoons where students can get the chance to meet their fellow colleagues and to chat, to borrels where we can all grab a drink and dance. Come and join us when you can! We post our events on our instagram page where you can follow us, as well as in the newsletter you receive. 

This year’s team is enthusiastic to come up with fun and interesting activities. They are the ones who sweat in order for you to have the best experience here at UvA. Please meet our lovely members!