Policy Plan

At the start of each association year the Board develops a policy plan which will set out how the association will function over the year and what is being aimed for. The policy plan is viewable here.  

Annual Report

To provide an opportunity to reflect upon the functioning of the association, the board at the end of the year will create an annual report which details how well the association has functioned in light of the policy plan and where there are rooms for improvement. The first annual report has not yet been made. It will be made available at the end of the year.


All members are encouraged to give comments and feedback on the way the association is working and what sort of events and projects they would like to see being developed. All members are welcome to submit comments through this form or email the board or the supervisory board.



The association works to be transparent in its functioning and accounts to all of its members. Alongside the policy plan and the annual report discussed above,  several General Assemblies will be organised for the members to present the annual budget, go through the policy plan, and discuss what the association is working on and where we should focus our efforts. Members will hear more shortly about the inaugural General Assembly.  


The development of the association

The association is still relatively quite new, meaning that some parts of the association are still under discussion and improvement.  There are still many ideas under discussion and many new developments to come, but we progressing very well. 


The Board

The Board is the body responsible for the daily running of the association and for the production of both the annual policy plan and the annual report. The Board is composed of five members of association, representing both European tracks of the masters. 

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The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is the body responsible for monitoring the functioning of the board and to provide advice on how the association should be developing. The Supervisory Board is composed of student members, alumni, and members of the Law Faculty at UvA.