The Board


The Board manages the daily running of the association and sets its direction which is laid down in the annual policy plan. The Board assesses the functioning of the association in an Annual report. 

The Board is responsible for ensuring that the association works as well as it can do to the benefit of the students of the LLM European Union Law and European Competition Law tracks at the UvA. The board also work alongside the committees to organise events and projects.

Gloria López Hernández

Gloria Lopez Hernandez serves as Chair of Eureka for the 2021-2022 academic year. After finishing her LLB in European Law, and a LLM in European Union Law, she is currently partaking in the LLM European Competition and Regulation. It is safe to say European Law is her thing. She is excited to act as Chair this year and make Eureka a well-known, accessible and inclusive association. She hopes to see Eureka thrive as a social and academic association and to see it help current students find guidance in their future professional lives.


Maurizio Kast

Maurizio Kast serves as this year’s Vice-Chair, he will be part of the board for the 2021-2022 academic year. After graduating from Zürich Law School with a Master he decided to pursue an LL.M. in European competition law and regulation at UvA.

He is looking forward to act as Vice-Chair and to support the board, as well as the members, in this upcoming year. He wishes for Eureka to grow and to be an association where every EU-Law student feels welcome and heard.



Marilia Karampatsoli

Marilia is a LLM student of the European Union Law Track at University of Amsterdam and this year, she’s the Secretary General of Eu-reka. Her aim for this academic year, is to make things run smoothly and get as many students as possible involved with the organisation!



Bart van Driel

Bart van Driel serves as the treasurer of EU-reka for the 2021-2022 academic year. After finishing his bachelor in law and economics at the university of Leiden. He is now studying European Competition Law and Regulations, here at UvA.

He is enthusiastic to partake in EU-reka and connect with different students, by making sure that all activities and events are well organized and funded.


Chloé Gregg

Chloé Gregg serves as External Affairs Commissioner of Eureka for the 2021-2022 academic year. After finishing her Bachelor in PPLE at the UvA she returned to Paris for a Bachelor and Master in French and European Law. She is now specialising in European Competition Law and Regulation. She looks forward to connecting her fellow students with professionals in various fields of EU law, through career events and a very exciting trip to Brussels this year.