Board 2023-2024


Who We Are


Greetings from the new board of EU-reka for the 2023/24 academic year! We’re thrilled you’re here!

We are passionate about giving you the best experiences in your LLMs, whether it be through social, academic or career events, or out annual Brussels trip in the spring. Whatever your cup of tea, we have something for you! If you’d like to join one of our committees to help plan these fun events, please don’t hesitate to sign up. Alternatively, becoming a member is just as rewarding, as you’ll have direct access to all of our activities – don’t wait too long to become a member as registration will be closing in the new year. 

We hope to see you along the ride! 





Board 2023-2024

From left to right: Marnix Verburg, My Lam, Johanna-Aimée Weise, Claudio Donato, Juliette Eijssen


Johanna-Aimée Weise


Johanna is the Chairwoman of EU-reka for the 2023/24 academic year. Having studied International and European Law and obtaining her LLB in Groningen in 2023, Johanna moved to Amsterdam to pursue European Competition Law and Regulation. 

As Chair of the EU-reka Study Association Johanna is excited to continue the work of the previous boards in making EU-reka a well-known association with plenty of thrilling events for everyone!

Marnix Verburg

Vice Chair


Marnix Verburg is the Vice Chair of this year’s board. After obtaining an LL.B. in European Law, his next step is to obtain an LL.M. in European Competition Law and Regulation. He is looking forward to encouraging students to meet outside the academic setting and network with one another at EU-reka social events. Increasing the reach of EU-reka is an essential part of this, which will be his main goal this year.

Marnix is the head of the social committee, which organizes all social events from EU-reka. The events of this year will attempt to provide students with a unique way to meet each other outside the tutorial and lecture rooms of UvA.





My Lam

Secretary General

My is the Secretary General of EU-reka for the 2023/24 academic year. With an academic background including an LLB in Dutch Law and an LLM in Constitutional Law from the University of Amsterdam, she is currently pursuing an LLM in European Union Law. My is responsible for keeping EU-reka members up to date on the latest news and upcoming events through the newsletter, and takes care of EU-reka’s Instagram. She is also in charge of the association’s communications. Her aim for this year is to get as many students as possible involved with the organization! 


Juliëtte Eijssen


Juliëtte is the Treasurer of this year’s board. Having finished an LLB in Dutch Law at Leiden University, she now studies in the programme European Competition Law and Regulation. Juliëtte’s main responsibilities lie in overseeing the financial matters of the organization and ensuring that we have the necessary funds for the events.


Claudio Donato

External Affairs Commissioner

Claudio is the External Affairs Commissioner of EU-reka for the 2023/24 academic year. His academic background includes a 5-year LL.B. in Law, a 4-year BPhil in Philosophy, and a partially completed BSc in Social Sciences. Having practiced Law for about 12 years, he is now pursuing a Master’s Degree in European Union Law at the University of Amsterdam.

He is responsible for putting academic and career events together and hopes to get as many students as possible involved. Claudio is dedicated to promoting the sharing of knowledge, fostering cultural and intellectual exchange, and creating opportunities for career growth in an inclusive manner.